What is Custom Curriculum?

Our heart is to create Christ-centered, gospel-focused, theologically-sound, custom curriculum solutions for churches and ministries of any size. Our curriculum is designed for use by both vocational and lay ministry leaders.

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As a youth pastor and lay teacher in Sunday School, small group, and large group settings, I rarely found curriculum with which I was satisfied. Even the best curriculum provided teaching outlines that were too lengthy and offered little room for my team to utilize their creativity. I found myself chopping up outlines, falling behind schedule, and ultimately rewriting the lessons to fit my teaching style.

There is a sea of great, theologically sound church and small group curriculum. We are not here to replace all of excellent curriculum writers in the Church; rather, we want to further the Kingdom of God by further contributing to her discipleship opportunities. Any curriculum we write can be customized to work best for:

  • Small and large group settings
  • Children, youth, adult, and mixed age group settings
  • Sunday school or home-based small groups
  • Time restraints, whether strict or free-flowing

 Choose Which Translation is Right for Your Group

In our experience, there is a deficit of gospel-centered curriculum developed for churches that use the King James as their primary translation. Our curriculum is designed to work with the translation of your choice, whether you prefer the King James Version, New King James Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard, Holman Christian Standard, or New International Version (1984).

Customized Teaching Outlines and Question Prompts

Our curriculum solutions allow church and ministry leaders to choose outlines based on their own needs. Some teachers may benefit from full manuscripts, detailed outlines, and extensive commentary. Some teachers would prefer brief, simple outlines, with flexibility. We will work with you and your team to develop plans that help both guide and free your teachers to disciple their students.

All of our curriculum will include basic teaching outlines with engaging questions. Other customization options will include, but not be limited to:

  • More detailed teaching scripts with time goals
  • Commentary
  • Personal devotionals for teachers
  • Further questions, ice breakers, and hands on activity ideas

Design of Student and Teacher Lesson Books

Whether your group would benefit from full graphic packages or bare-bones outlines, our goal is to provide curriculum that will fit your needs and budget. All curriculum will be delivered digitally, but we will also provide hard copies per your request.

Again, our goal is not to replace good curriculum, but to serve you and your group based on your needs. To find out more about when samples will be available, fill out this short form and subscribe to our email list.



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